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      Internal Hex Prosthetics

      Temporary PEEK Abutments

      Temporary abutments are made from Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), which is a high-grade thermoplastic polymer certified for medical use and is well suited for use in the oral cavity.
      PEEK offers a superior combination mechanical properties such as stiffness and strength, elasticity and resilience; is one of the most chemically-resistant materials; is proven to be biocompatible for both hard and soft tissue; has low electrical conductivity; and has a natural color which is a major aesthetic advantage.

      Straight Anatomic Peek
      Height Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-SAP6001 9.5mm 1mm Bio-SAP6001
      Bio-SAP6002 10mm 2mm Bio-SAP6002
      Bio-SAP6003 11mm 3mm Bio-SAP6003



      Angular Anatomic PEEK
      Angulated 15°
      Height Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-AAP5001 9.5mm 1mm Bio-AAP5001
      Bio-AAP5002 10.5mm 2mm Bio-AAP5002
      Bio-AAP5003 11.5mm 3mm Bio-AAP5003



      Angular Anatomic PEEK
      Angulated 25°
      Height Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-AAP5201 9.5mm 1mm Bio-AAP5201
      Bio-AAP5202 10.5mm 2mm Bio-AAP5202
      Bio-AAP52031 11.5mm 3mm Bio-AAP52031



      Bio-AAP5201 Included with all abutments or available separately Catalog Number Bio-8324

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