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      Internal Hex Prosthetics

      Straight Abutments

      Our wide variety of straight abutments remain stable even when their wall thickness is reduced to 0.1 mm. They are suitable for use in multiple scenarios, for example, single crowns, bridges and
      the fabrication of cement-retained restorations, single crowns and bridges.

      We recommend tightening the screw at a torque between 25 and 30 Ncm

      Height Catalog Number
      Bio-SA5909 9mm Bio-SA5909
      Bio-SA5911 11mm Bio-SA5911



      Straight Shoulder
      Height Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-SH4801 8.5mm 1mm Bio-SH4801
      Bio-SH4802 9.5mm 2mm Bio-SH4802
      Bio-SH4803 10.5mm 3mm Bio-SH4803
      Bio-SH4804 11.5mm 4mm Bio-SH4804



      Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-SHt5001 Hex 1.7mm Bio-SHt5001
      Bio-SHt5002 Non-Hex 1.7mm Bio-SHt5002



      Straight Narrow
      Diameter Ø 3.8 mm
      Height Catalog Number
      Bio-SN6006 6mm Bio-SN6006
      Bio-SN6008 8mm Bio-SN6008
      Bio-SN6010 10mm Bio-SN6010



      Straight Shoulder
      Diameter Ø 5.2 mm
      Height Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-SA4601 9mm 1mm Bio-SA4601
      Bio-SA4602 10mm 2mm Bio-SA4602
      Bio-SA4603 11mm 3mm Bio-SA4603
      Bio-SA4604 12mm 4mm Bio-SA4604



      Bio-8324 Included with all abutments or available separately Catalog Number Bio-8324


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