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      Internal Hex Prosthetics

      Multi-Unit System

      The multi-unit system is a solution for screw-retained prostheses, also on complicated-to-restore implants such as multiple-tilted implants. It comprises a full range of sizes for both the upper and
      lower jaws: straight, 17°, 30°, 45°, 52°, and 60° adaptors. It also includes a variety of heights and connects to a wide range of complementary products.

      Straight Multi Unit Angulated Multi Unit 30 mm
      Hight Catalog Number Hight Catalog Number
      Bio-M0101 1 mm Bio-M0101 Bio-MU1801 1 mm Bio-MU1801
      Bio-M0102 2 mm Bio-M0102 Bio-MU1802 2 mm Bio-MU1802
      Bio-M0103 3 mm Bio-M0103 Bio-MU1803 3 mm Bio-MU1803



      Angulated Multi Unit 18 mm
      Hight Catalog Number
      Bio-AMU3001 1 mm Bio-AMU3001
      Bio-AMU3002 2 mm Bio-AMU3002
      Bio-AMU3003 3 mm Bio-AMU3003

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