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      Internal Hex Prosthetics

      Ball Attachment

      The ball attachment superstructure is used to secure a removal prosthesis.
      This attachment is used together with a stainless steel cap and an intermediate Nylon insert.

      Height Catalog Number
      Bio-BA12005 0.5mm Bio-BA12005
      Bio-BA1201 1mm Bio-BA1201
      Bio-BA1202 2mm Bio-BA1202
      Bio-BA1203 3mm Bio-BA1203
      Bio-BA1204 4mm Bio-BAC1204
      Bio-BA1205 5mm Bio-BA1205
      Bio-BA1206 6mm Bio-BA1206


      Angulated 15°
      Height Catalog Number
      Bio-BA1501 1mm Bio-BA1501
      Bio-BA1502 2mm Bio-BA1502
      Bio-BA1503 3mm Bio-BA1503


      Angulated 15°
      Height Catalog Number
      Bio-BA1501 1mm Bio-BA2501
      Bio-BA1502 2mm Bio-BA2502


      Internal Cap
      for 2.5 mm Ball Attachment
      Material Catalog Number
      Bio-S3002 Silicon Extra Soft Bio-S3002
      Bio-S3003 Silicon Soft Bio-S3003
      Bio-S3004 Silicon Standard Bio-S3004
      Bio-S3005 Peek Bio-S3005


      Housing for Internal Cap
      Material Catalog Number
      Bio-MC3001 Metal Bio-MC3001


      Order with Silicon Cap Bio-S3002

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