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      B1 | Conical Connection Prosthetics

      Healing Caps


      Used for Conical Connection with a 5°-morse.

      Healing caps shape the soft tissue around the implant and prepare the site for the superstructure insertion. The healing cap is selected based on the thickness of the mucosa. In addition, wide healing caps are used for soft-tissue contouring of molars and premolars.

      We recommend hand-tightening using a 1,25 mm hex. driver or a motor unit with a force of 10 Ncm.

      MaterialTitanium Alloy – Ti 6Al 4V ELI

      B1 | Conical Connection Prosthetics
      Diameter Ø 3.8 mm Diameter Ø 4.2 mm
      Hight Cat. Number Hight Cat. Number
      Bio-HCC3802 2 mm Bio-HCC3802 Bio-HCC4202 2 mm Bio-HCC4202
      Bio-HCC3803 3 mm Bio-HCC3803 Bio-HCC4203 3 mm Bio-HCC4203
      Bio-HCC3804 4 mm Bio-HCC3804 Bio-HCC4204 4 mm Bio-HCC4204
      Bio-HCC3805 5 mm Bio-HCC3805 Bio-HCC4205 5 mm Bio-HCC4205
      Bio-HCC3806 6 mm Bio-HCC3806 Bio-HCC4206 6 mm Bio-HCC4206
      Bio-HCC3807 7 mm Bio-HCC3807 Bio-HCC4207  7 mm Bio-HCC4207

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