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      B1 | Conical Connection Prosthetics

      Angulated Abutments

      Angulated abutments are used when a change to the axis of the implant is required, and normally for constructing cementretained single crowns or bridges. They are available with 15”
      and 25” degree angles

      We recommend tightening the screw at a torque between 25 and 30 Ncm.

      Standard Narrow
      Angulated 15° Ø 4.71 mm Angulated 15° Ø 4.02 mm
      Hight Catalog Number Hight Catalog Number
      Bio-C0915 9 mm Bio-C0915 Bio-C0815 9 mm Bio-C0815
      Bio-C1115 11 mm Bio-C1115 Bio-C1815 11 mm Bio-C1815



      Angulated 15°
      Hight Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-AAC1501 9.5 mm 1 mm Bio-AAC1501
      Bio-AAC1502 10.5 mm 2 mm Bio-AAC1502
      Bio-AAC1503 11.5 mm 3 mm Bio-AAC1503
      Bio-AAC1504 12.5 mm 4 mm Bio-AAC1504



      Standard Narrow
      Angulated 25° Ø 4.71 mm Angulated 25° Ø 4.02 mm
      Hight Catalog Number Hight Catalog Number
      Bio-C0925 9 mm Bio-C0925 Bio-C0825 9 mm Bio-C0825
      Bio-C1125 11 mm Bio-C1125 Bio-C1825 11 mm Bio-C1825



      Angulated 25°
      Hight Shoulder Catalog Number
      Bio-AAC2501 9.5 mm 1 mm Bio-AAC2501
      Bio-AAC2502 10.5 mm 2 mm Bio-AAC2502
      Bio-AAC2503 11.5 mm 3 mm Bio-AAC2503
      Bio-AAC2504 12.5 mm 4 mm Bio-AAC2504

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