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Biotec Dental Prosthetics

Biotec offers a wide range of easy-to-use and esthetic restorations and prosthetics for almost any clinical needs.
The diameters of these prosthetics are interchangeable based on preference and needs.

B1 | Conical Connection Prosthetics

Internal Hex Prosthetics

Internal Hex 2.0 | N1 Prosthetics

One Piece | ARP Prosthetics

Biotec Dental Implant Solutions

Biotec dental implants are manufactured at our own state-of-the-art, in Germany and comply with the highest standards.
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Kits & Tools

Biotec offers a wide range of surgical kits that answer clinicians’ needs for multiple clinical scenarios and procedures. These kits were designed by dentists for dentists with the goal of enhancing efficiency and helping to simplify surgical procedures and ensure that they are safe, quick and simple.

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Biotec is a German dental implant company founded in 2005 and managed by dentists for dentists.