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Internal Hex 2.0 | N1

More Simple. More Convenient.

Biotec narrow implants systems are designed for narrow alveolar ridges in cases where the bone space is too limited to use internal hex implants, or the space between two adjacent teeth is too narrow
for a standard abutment restoration.

Internal Hex 2.0 | N1 Catalogue

MaterialTitanium Alloy – Ti 6Al 4V ELI

This alloy has been proven to be the ideal material for implants, mainly because of its ability to integrate almost completely with the bone.
It is also biodegradable and offers superior mechanical qualities.

These implants are unique as they are transgingival implants, that is, they can be placed at bone level or below it.

N1 is a two-piece implant with 2.9mm diameter and internal hex connection with 2mm. It provides the perfect implant abutment fit with excellent mechanical stability.

Science Inside The Black Box

  • Simple product classification with brand-specific design and color coded imprint of the implant diameter
  • Large sealed stamp with product details
  • Stackable; all important product information remains visible
  • Includes multilingual instructions for use”
Internal Hex 2.0-N1 Catalogue
  • N1 Ø 3.0 mm

Upper diameter: Ø 3.0 mm

Lower diameter: Ø 1.94 mm

Length (mm)

  • 10
  • 11.5
  • 13
  • 16
  • Catalog Nr.


  • Catalog Nr.


  • Catalog Nr.


  • Catalog Nr.


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